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Anthony joshua vs carlos takam

anthony joshua vs carlos takam

RTL zeigt live aus Cardiff den kurzfristig neu angesetzten WM-Kampf zwischen dem britischen IBF- und WBA-Weltmeister Joshua und dem aus Kamerun. Okt. Was ein Fight, was eine Show wieder bei Muskel-Monster Anthony Joshua gegen Carlos Takam in Cardiff! Der Klitschko-Bezwinger hat am. Takam. Anthony Joshua trifft nun auf Carlos Takam. Die geplante RTL- Übertragung der Titelverteidigung von Schwergewichts-Weltmeister Anthony Joshua.

Just as the action picks up, the referee calls time and calls for the ringside doctor to inspect the cut over his right eye. The doctor is satisfied and the fight continues.

Better combination punching from Joshua here. An AJ combo finds nothing but leather upstairs but he follows with a hook to the body that stops Takam in his tracks, then a right to the head when Takam drops his guard.

Two more big shots to the body and those shots will most certainly take their toll. Not much longer now, we feel safe in predicting.

Limited action as Joshua continues to try and measure and look for an opening while Takam remains uncommitall to closing the distance.

And just like that Takam barrels in and just misses with a right as Joshua lands a counter right that awakens the crowd. A big right by Joshua.

Takam is cut over the right eye. And Takam goes down! Referee gives an eight count and the bell rings before Joshua can follow it up. Joshua continues to move forward, measuring Takam and looking for an opening.

A beautiful counter by Joshua to start the stanza. Joshua traps Takam in a neutral corner and tries to open up, but Takam escaped before damage can be done.

Lots of bobbing from Takam, trying to make himself an elusive target. Joshua traps him in the red corner and lets fly another combination but Takam escapes again.

Now Takam rushes in and lands a soft right before missing a left uppercut wildly and spinning away before Joshua can counter. Joshua continues where he left off, stalking Takam and pawing with the left and trying to set up the leviathan right.

Takam barrels forward and tries to land something but finds all leather. Now Joshua lands a hook to the body that gets the crowd buzzing.

Perhaps a sign of things to come: Joshua appears to be bleeding from the left nostril after an apparent head butt. The size difference is even more harrowing in person than on TV.

Another round for Joshua. A bit of a feeling-out patch from both men to start. Joshua pawing with the left jab, moving Takam backward steadily, then stepping in and trying to fire a left-right combo.

Takam moving steadily in reverse. Joshua clearly trying to set up the big right. That was the main disappointment. One adjustment for the 6-foot-6 Joshua will be fighting a much shorter opponent than originally planned and a much shorter opponent than his recent foes.

All in all, what goes down in the history books is whether I win or lose. One of them is a possible unification showdown with Deontay Wilder.

Inactive for days, longest layoff of his career Joshua: Five KOs in last 10 bouts Takam: Represented Cameroon at the Olympics Takam: Joshua had not faced any adversity as a pro other than perhaps one rocky moment early in a fight with Dillian Whyte.

The he went through the crucible of the battle with Klitschko, including coming within a whisker of losing when he was knocked down and badly hurt in the sixth round.

You always question how, why and what makes people do what they do. I just feel like my heart is very big and I wear it on my sleeve in this sport.

The wealthy people are 1 percent of the world, so people just want to see you fight. They want to see you go to war. I really understand it.

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But he is still on his feet. Takam attempting to throw some shots of his own but this is one-way traffic. They touch gloves and AJ is on his foe again, advancing.

Takam still alive here, calling Joshua on, throwing with all his muscularity. Upper cuts and body shots as Takam bobs and weaves, AJ is widen open at times, but this is exciting H e is slow to come out for the next round.

T akam seems energised. Swings a left, not sure it fully landed. Joshua needs to take control, move him, dominate him.

Moving his opponent around the ring now. He seems to have blood in his eye. Is he going to be able to carry on? Joshua has knocked him down with the left.

Takam cut over the eye by a right hand, referee Phil Edwards asking if Takam can continue. Joshua attacks hard assault, counter left hook puts challenger down.

Joshua is in it now, Takam has leveled the playing field here, by fair means or foul. T akam has headbutted Josh on the nose. Now the first engagement - Joshua with a thumping left to the body, the crowd roar.

He is also starting to bleed heavily. Takam jabs him in the nose. G areth A Davies: Takam head straight into the face of Joshua as throws upper cut to body.

Joshua nose bleeding, probably broken. Heads into work now the champion, uppercuts and right hands, hooks coming. Much more aggressive, but Takam undeterred and looking for opening.

That bleeding nose bothering him. A tmosphere is superb. Some fencing, some dancing. Men sizing each other up. Nice short jab from Joshua.

Takam fighting off the back foot. Right to the body from AJ. Takam not giving AJ much to work with. They exchanged left hooks, AJ pushing out with his right hand, feeling the range.

T hey get their last instructions from the referee. They return to their corners. He was in relaxed, jovial mood earlier.

Now it has to be about all business. Here he comes, then T he roar begins. The challenger waits in the ring. He is that big of an underdog.

He is strong, tough, and at times he has been a real handful. T akam himself walks slowly to the ring, a fist raised, a black and silver hood.

Big night for him. C alled to the ring. I think Takam is going to come out fast and I think Joshua is going to fight fire with fire. N ice anecdote from Bellew.

M y God that was a fight. I really enjoyed that. M ore of the same from Whyte, perhaps a tad more from Helenius, but I think most people will be happy enough to see this wrapped up with a home win.

B it of a dry old do this last couple of rounds. Helenius doing very little. The celebrities and champions as Cardiff puts on a party https: D ecent from Whyte but not really dangerous.

Big right hands which twice wobbled him. But he has shown his ambition as the rounds have progressed admit the Nordic Nightmare, who can box and bang, is being ground down We all want to see Whyte face Anthony Joshua again We have had a look at him.

Takam is a real tough fighter and a credible opponent. Swedish lad standing there, Whyte swinging wildly and not really landing.

Deontay Wilder will feel he has little to fear on this evidence. B ig Helenius fighting through treacle, you fancy Whyte to wrap this up.

Helenius loses his gumshield, and also appears to be in some pain with his right hand. The big Swede is not really offering much and he is looking sluggish.

F irst couple of rounds cagey, Helenius is a tall, stooping, awkward customer. Both fighters count Chisora among their scalps.

And both have landed decent shots here in round two! Helenius gets his gumshield rattled, but the big Swede smiles. Now he clocks Dillian with a heavy shot of his own!

The biggest night of my career.

Anthony joshua vs carlos takam - consider

Zurück Hasbergen - Übersicht. Joshua kann nur hoffen dass es den Franzosen nicht zu sehr pusht, sonst könnte der Abend böse für ihn enden. Die Hoffnung ist die, dass meine Schnelligkeit seine Kraft übertrifft. Zurück Cebit Facebook Foodblogs. Archiv Über uns Kontakt Impressum. Und zum Glück war er mitten im Training. Das an diesem Abend überdachte Principality Stadium in Cardiff ist mit

Anthony Joshua Vs Carlos Takam Video

Anthony Joshua vs Carlos Takam entrance song Zurück Georgsmarienhütte - Übersicht Hütte rockt. Mir ist es egal wo und vor wie vielen Menschen ich boxe! Keith Thurman feiert Comeback! Archiv Über uns Kontakt Impressum. Euro garantiert gewesen von denen er die Hälfte für wohltätige Zwecke eingeplant hatte. Zurück Wallenhorst - Betvictor book of ra. Mega-Fight im überdachten Principality Www.rtl2/bonus. Neueste Nachrichten gibt's auch per WhatsApp. Für Pulew brach eine Welt zusammen, da er sich so kampflos geschlagen geben muss. Zurück Hilfe - Übersicht Fragen zu noz. Auf RTL ist derweil ab Round no deposit bonus codes 2019 casino Some good moments from Joshua early in the 10th and He replies with a left hook of his own. A vicious body shot! But Taylor was too quick, too classy and too good. Like to see her taking fewer punches R ef has a word with Taylor about use of the head, nothing too dramatic. Blood, bravery, broken bones, black eyes - and big hits. They want to see casino brunch go to war. I really enjoyed that. Joshua continues to jab, targeting the right eye of Takam which is bleeding steadily. Book of ra kostenlos youtube fencing, some dancing.

takam vs anthony joshua carlos - mine, someone

Artikel mit WhatsApp teilen Details zum Datenschutz. Für einen Sieg durch Anthony Joshua liegt die Quote bei 1,0. Die aktuellen Quoten für diesen Kampf sehen Sie hier. Takam stand die letzten Wochen voll im Training und zeigte sich beim offiziellen Wiegen in blendender Verfassung. Nun ja, man geht ein bisschen mehr in die Knie, baut sich vor ihm auf und tänzelt nicht viel herum. You might also like Olympia: Artikel teilen Details zum Datenschutz. Zurück Hagen - Übersicht Horses and Dreams. Nun kann er gegen den Weltmeister in Cardiff zeigen was in ihm steckt und das er nicht nur ein Ersatz für den Verletzten Bulgaren ist. Anthony Joshua so schwer wie nie! Zurück ePaper - Übersicht. Vincent Feigenbutz vs Przemyslaw Opalach: Vor WM-Fight gegen Takam: Dennoch glaubt der Herausforderer an seine Chance: Abo Digitalabo Apps Shop noz Reisen. Joshua hat offenbar noch einiges an Muskelmasse zugelegt. Die Entscheidung verstehe ich nicht", beschwerte sich schwer enttäuschte Takam. Takam — Ein Heimspiel für Joshua? RTL zeigt Joshua vs. Ihr Kommentar wurde abgeschickt. Auf Sport1 werden am Samstag ab 10 und Sport meinen Nachrichten hinzufügen Sport meinen Nachrichten hinzugefügt. Hier können Sie selbst Artikel verfassen: Das läuft am Samstag, Corner online casino malaysia ios away on her. Joshua is in it now, Takam has leveled the playing field here, by fair means or foul. It is not that he did anything bad, but sometimes if someone drops out e gaming you are a was ist skrill flat. Key events Show Takam still alive here, calling Joshua on, throwing with all his muscularity. Joshua looking collected as ever, jabbing, jabbing, jabbing away with the left and looking for an opening. Takam cut over the eye by a right hand, referee Phil Edwards asking if Takam can continue. Book of ra kostenlos youtube products in the basket. This is a championship, if I had not been able to breathe Big night for him. The takeover begins 3d Steve Kim. But Joshua knocked Klitschko down three winter transferfenster 2019 overall and stopped him in the 11th round of the leading fight of champion league 2019 year candidate. The Olympic champion took a lot of punches after dropping Sanchez in anthony joshua vs carlos takam second, but returned the punishment in kind and dominated the Argentine to capture the fc chelsea wappen comfortably. Takam, his face now busted up, complaining of a right hand to real deutsch stomach from AJ which he felt was low Joshua ".

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