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Eye of osiris

eye of osiris

Juni Das Eye of Horus gelangt aktuell zur Bekanntheit durch ein Slotspiel, doch wer ist Horus und was hat es mit dem Auge des Horus auf sich?. "Horus said to Ra, Grant that I may see the creatures of thy eyes, see as it (thy eye) sees 2 as ^ "c2>j -es>- jj creations of the eye of Osiris, while others pl. The Eye Of Osiris (Dr. Thorndyke, Band 3) | Richard Austin Freeman | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf .

In addition to providing the reader with an excellent story of deduction and reasoning Freeman also writes one of the few believable and sympathetic love stories this reviewer has come across in the detective and mystery stories written at this time.

Ruth is not simply a sweet Victorian girl she has a believable personality and an interesting mind. One understands exactly why Berkeley is drawn to her and one can watch the way their relationship progresses from being strangers, to individuals with shared interests, to becoming friends and then realizing that they have fallen love.

None of it is strained nor is it extraneous. Berkeley is given believable motivations for his actions through the book. Freeman plays so fairly with his readers that if the reader is well-versed in the detective fiction of the time they will have suspicions and inklings of understanding before at the end the truth is revealed.

Yet this in no way diminishes from the enjoyment of following the story and from finding out the indications and clues one missed.

No anvils are used nor does the author fall back on obfuscation. Mar 03, Yibbie rated it really liked it Shelves: A wonderful mystery with just the right spookiness to hold your attention right through.

The suspense builds and builds right to the end and the conclusion perfect. What could be better than a mystery all tied up with archaeologists?

The Eye of Osiris by R. Austin Freeman is the tantalizing tale of a missing world-renowned archaeologist.

When the story appears in the newspaper, Dr. If the absence of the scarab had been noted, then it would be safe to assume that the housemaid at Mr.

At this point, it is all an intellectual puzzle to Thorndyke. Paul Berkeley, one of the students in the medical jurisprudence class, is filling in for an older doctor who has taken a much-needed vacation.

Jellicoe, want Godfrey to allow them to have him declared deceased and put the will forward for probate. But the will is a legal nightmare.

It would seem that John Bellingham wanted his brother Godfrey to inherit, but then set conditions that made it virtually impossible for him to do so--which means that Hurst will inherit instead.

Hurst offers Godfrey a deal--agree to petition for the will to be probated, Hurst will inherit, and will guarantee Godfrey and his daughter a stipend of pounds a year.

And, Godfrey must agree that those provisions will stand even if John or his body is found and the terms of the will allowing Godfrey to inherit can be met.

Thorndyke all information on the case. Thorndyke is thoroughly intrigued and begins to form theories about the whereabouts of John Bellingham.

Thorndyke becomes even more intrigued and sets out to prove his theory about the mystery. There are several things to prove: Is John Bellingham dead--and, if so, was he murdered?

If he was murdered, who did it and why? And, finally, where is John Bellingham or his body now? This is another fine intellectual puzzle by Freeman.

He plays merry hell with Mr. My last excursion was with The Red Thumb Mark long ago and far away before I ever started writing up reviews and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that one.

Please request permission before reposting. Nov 18, Dfordoom rated it really liked it Shelves: The Eye of Osiris , published in , was the second of R.

And a very good mystery it is too. Austin Freeman is unfortunately little know today except to devotees of vintage crime but this English writer was one of the masters of the detective story and Dr Thorndyke was his greatest creation.

Freeman was a qualified doctor and he made considerable and effective use of his medical knowledge in his fiction. Thorndyke is the scientific The Eye of Osiris , published in , was the second of R.

Thorndyke is the scientific detective par excellence, a lecturer in medical jurisprudence. He is interested in facts which he organises with an almost brutal meticulousness.

He has little time for speculation and no time at all for leaps of intuition. He is not even concerned overmuch with motives.

Give him the acts and he will find the one person who could have committed the crime, whose guilt would be consistent with those facts.

But that is what Mr John Bellingham appears to have done. Dr Thorndyke initially has no involvement in this case. He reads about it in the newspaper and notes it as being an excellent example of a point he has just been making to his students - the crucial importance in such a case of establishing the last time and the last place at which the presumed victim can be said with absolute certainty to have been still alive.

Two years later the mystery is still involved and Dr Berkeley finds himself having a chance but momentous for all concerned encounter with the Bellingham family.

And he discovers there is much more to this case that was apparent two years earlier. An acrimonious legal case is now imminent. Godfrey is a proud man, unwilling to accept help that he cannot pay for, but Dr Berkeley eventually persuades him that if his old mentor Dr Thorndyke were to accept the case it would not be charity since the case is so complex and so likely to produce interesting legal precedents that he would actually be doing Dr Thorndyke a favour by allowing him to become involved.

Which is at least partly true - Thorndyke really is eager to get to grips with what should prove a most challenging case.

The challenge is firstly to establish if John Bellingham really has been murdered, secondly to find out who murdered him, and thirdly to find a way of fulfilling an apparently impossible clause in the will.

Oddly enough almost everybody involved in this affair shares a passion for Egyptology, a factor that will assume considerable importance.

Dr Thorndyke himself is by no means a colourful personage- the fascination of the character lies in his methods rather than his personality.

Freeman manages to combine a classic puzzle mystery novel the Thorndyke novels can in some ways be seen as launching the golden age of detective fiction with a love story.

His style is not flashy but nor is it dull. The great strength of the novel lies in the plotting which is ingenious enough and complicated enough to satisfy any fan of the puzzle-style of mystery story.

I look forward to reading more of this series! Nov 03, Aoife rated it liked it Shelves: This book contains less science-talk than the first Thorndyke-novel.

The Red Thumb Mark had so many pages dedicated to explanations of the scienctific background of the case that even I almost got slightly bored.

Though sadly, by not focussing on the forensic aspects as much it This book contains less science-talk than the first Thorndyke-novel. Though sadly, by not focussing on the forensic aspects as much it becomes rather obvious that the case is I managed to guess parts far in advance and felt there was to much padding till the characters arrived at the same conclusion.

Especially the love-story was quite unneccessary and took up too much space. The author also somewhat overdid it with fun and quirky characters.

Too many pop up as witnesses etc. A slightly more difficult to solve mystery then previous Thorndyke novels, this one ultimately suffered from the heavy-handedness of the romantic sub-plot, and, to a lesser degree, the switching of narrators.

Thorndyke himself plays a relatively minor role; he is instrumental to the solving of the crime but becomes too much of a background player.

Especially as our new first person narrator, Dr Berkley, is not an interesting enough character, and it made for a feeling of being further removed fr A slightly more difficult to solve mystery then previous Thorndyke novels, this one ultimately suffered from the heavy-handedness of the romantic sub-plot, and, to a lesser degree, the switching of narrators.

Especially as our new first person narrator, Dr Berkley, is not an interesting enough character, and it made for a feeling of being further removed from the mystery.

That being said, it was by no means a poor story, and was, in fact, the best plotted book of this series thus far. Wish I had read it when I first bought it over 30 years ago.

Why did I wait so long? Yes, the language, especially in dialogs, was a bit formal and stilted to a modern ear. Yes, the gender attitudes were old-fashioned.

What else would I expect in a book written in the ? But the storyline was interesting, the author made me care about the characters, and the background information on Egyptian mummies and the beginnings of the profession of forensic pathology were all fascinating Loved it.

But the storyline was interesting, the author made me care about the characters, and the background information on Egyptian mummies and the beginnings of the profession of forensic pathology were all fascinating.

Jan 08, John rated it really liked it. I, however, really enjoy it. As I have said before they are a bit formulaic but oh so clever.

None of this detracted from my enjoyment. The Kindle dictionary is useful here as there are plenty of old words that are very rarely used today.

Jan 29, Karen S rated it really liked it. And a little to learn about murder, the problem of survivorship, a bit of a love story, too.

Jun 20, Laura Iverson rated it liked it. I liked this one better than the first. Quite nice to listen to free audiobook on librivox.

Apr 27, C. Okay I liked this one, mystery wise much better. Once again great characters and entertaining story. However, the romantic subplot although sweet, has the same feel to it as previous books.

Thorndyke will keep you guessing and entertained. View all 6 comments. Sep 12, Laura marked it as to-read Recommended to Laura by: This is author R.

Available here Vanishing Man and here Eye at Gutenberg. When you have the disappearance of someone early in a book you somehow know that later in the book there will have to be a reappearance in some form or another.

So with this sort of mystery you just sit back and enjoy the form. It will also help if you are a fan of Eqyptology and bookish research types, as the story contains plenty of both.

Then again, you could say that about parts of London which seem stuck in older historical times. The worst I can say about this is that it moves slowly, and you will have no problem guessing quite soon things which seem deeply mysterious to the main characters.

For me the best parts were reading the descriptions of London neighborhoods, pondering the daily rounds of a local doctor, and enjoying a female character that was positively shown to be a bookish expert.

Chapter 8, Miss Bellingham feels strongly about an Egyptian mummy in the museum: Have you never heard of pious Catholics who cherish a devotion to some long-departed saint?

That is my feeling towards Artemidorus, and if you only knew what comfort he has shed into the heart of a lonely woman; what a quiet, unobtrusive friend he has been to me in my solitary, friendless days, always ready with a kindly greeting on his gentle, thoughtful face, you would like him for that alone.

And I want you to like him and to share our silent friendship. Am I very silly, very sentimental? We stood awhile gazing in silence at the mummy—for such, indeed, was her friend Artemidorus.

But not an ordinary mummy. Egyptian in form, it was entirely Greek in feeling; and brightly coloured as it was, in accordance with the racial love of colour, the tasteful refinement with which the decoration of the case was treated made those around look garish and barbaric.

But the most striking feature was a charming panel portrait which occupied the place of the usual mask. This painting was a revelation to me.

Except that it was executed in tempera instead of oil, it differed in no respect from modern work. There was nothing archaic or even ancient about it.

With its freedom of handling and its correct rendering of light and shade, it might have been painted yesterday; indeed, enclosed in an ordinary gilt frame, it might have passed without remark in an exhibition of modern portraits.

And there is history for this: You know that this substance has been used a good deal by modern painters and that it has a very dangerous peculiarity; I mean its tendency to liquefy, without any very obvious reason, long after it has dried.

A portrait of a lady, I think. But what was your question? Ch 13, every now and then I did have to look up something: Hither I betook myself after a protracted lunch and a meditative pipe, and, being the first to arrive—the jury having already been sworn and conducted to the mortuary to view the remains—whiled away the time by considering the habits of the customary occupants of the room by the light of the objects contained in it.

A wooden target with one or two darts sticking in it hung on the end wall and invited the Robin Hoods of the village to try their skill; a system of incised marks on the oaken table made sinister suggestions of shove-halfpenny; and a large open box, filled with white wigs, gaudily coloured robes and wooden spears, swords and regalia, crudely coated with gilded paper, obviously appertained to the puerile ceremonials of the Order of Druids.

Happily there is a wikipedia page for shove-halfpenny. I have never been in this part before, but in that enclosure beyond which opens at the end of Henrietta Street, there used to be and may be still, for all I know, a school of anatomy, at which I attended in my first year; in fact, I did my first dissection there.

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